Thursday, May 6, 2010


You and the weekly WW meetings have become my accountability partners in the Chubby Bride Workout Plan.
Results:  lost 4 tenths of a pound....
    good news:  I lost and didn't gain.
    bad news:  this could be a really long journey to a 20 lb. loss at 4 tenths of a pound each week.

So I went home and had a low count dinner - 2 chicken legs and green beans and whole wheat bread.  Then I took one bite of several different things Donna brought back from Texas.  She has absolutely the best smorgasborg of food in her pantry.  She always buys different and interesting things like Bluebonnet jelly, cocoa roasted almonds, things from the bakery,...she buys things I would never buy because of the calories.  I am kind of plain jane when it comes to buying food because I know I will just eat it.
Weight watchers tells you to write it if you bite it.  Well, I bit it and I am just going to write it off as a hungry girl moment and let it go.

My goal for this week starting today is to:
     Write it if I bite it.  Everything.
      Have a perfect 19 point a day week
      Add cardio to my already intensive workout.
      Try to have a 3 lb loss (well really I need a 4 lb one to stay on goal but I don't know if I can do it.)
Measure my body.

85 days to the wedding day.
The Chubby Bride.

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Hi Jay! I like your blog!