Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Project: Delight Myself in the Lord - Day whatever : )

Wondering if I am still delighting? Yes, I am. I have been busy with Master's program - two classes and orientation down and about 22 classes to go; my "manfriend" (I think saying boyfriend is, children's ministry (I am now children's minister at my church), and substitute teaching. Life is good.

Monday, we pretty much had a "mini" blizzard blow through. I was subbing and as I watched the constant, heavy snowfall, I worried I wouldn't be able to get my car out of the snow. Sure enough, although the snow wasn't too deep around my car as the snowplows had kept the road plowed, there was just enough incline that I could not get my car on the road. I had to have three 8th grade boys and the janitor give me a push. (that sort of reminds me of when I rode bumpers cars at Six flags or the amusement part - you know how the car stops in the middle of the floor and the attendant has to come and give you a push to go....yeah....) As I waited for them to come out and give me a push, I watched some high school kids in a little car struggle to drive up the street....five kids in this little economy car....three of them got out and pushed the car until it gained traction and could was funny...I knew just how the driver felt.

I am not so good in the snow. The first two winters here I was with my friends Dan and Donna most of the time and went everywhere with them. They have the big Tahoe and big truck with 4-wheel drive plus we did everything together so I didn't get much practice driving in the snow. I missed the mother lode winter the year I was in Texas and then the next year was a rather weak winter so now... Welcome to reality Jaye. Thank goodness they plow my condo drive and clear the steps.

OK, for some winter-living attitude adjustments I have had since coming to live here:

1. High heeled dress boots look great in the store and catalog but are just plain stupid for here. I was determined to remain a "cupcake" and not to become a granola bar, leaving fashion for the city. I am still a "cupcake" but probably a less decorated one. There is nothing wrong with wearing practical, flat-heeled boots to travel to your destination and changing into more fashionable ones once you are inside.
2. When I first came here, I saw some women wearing these knee-high, fur-lined (the furr encircled the top of the boot, showing about an inch or so all the way around), lace-up boots. And I thought,"That is just over-kill on boots. That is just gaudy Colorado style." Well, uh, as soon as I can afford a pair of those boots, they will be residing in my closet. The first year I lived here, I found a pair of Ugg look alike boots at Target. Pink suede lined with lambs wool. I wear those quite often.
3. When I lived in Austin, I never wore a coat in winter. My motto was "I can stand anything for a few minutes." I never was prepared. I am still working on this one. I own two heavy coats and several jackets, two pairs of gloves and am working on a scarf collection. Now if I can just remember where I put the gloves and where I left my coat, I will be doing great. I am also becoming a fan of peacoats, coatdresses, and anything fashionable relating to "coats."
4. Has anyone watched "New in Town"? It is a movie about a city girl moving to Minnesota...yeah....and in one scene she gets stuck in the snow in the middle of nowhere with nothing but the clothes she is taking on a trip back to....Florida...and a bottle of wine. She runs her red, sexy nightie up her antennae for a distress flag and gets totally wasted on a bottle of wine as she sits in her car waiting for help. Well, I try to keep a blanket in the car and sensible shoes should I happen to be wearing stupid shoes on a day I should have worn better shoes. I do not have a bottle of wine but water is a good thing. Except I drank all of it on my way home at Thanksgiving. Neither do I have a sexy, red nightie to tie onto my antennae to use as a distress signal. Reckon my City Market shopping bags would work?
5. The lower-necked shirts currently in vogue are better served with a liner shirt underneath or given away to friends in Austin, or saved for a trip back to Austin.
6. Keep the gas tank filled. I went to a friends house to housesit without realizing my tank was so low. They live out on a ranch in Chromo - Chromo has one store on the side of the road and that is it. It is a convenience store/post office. I knew there was a gas pump there; however, I didn't know the gas pump was out of service. (where is the convenience in that one?) I was sweating just a bit as to whether I would make it back to town. Once at the ranch, I looked around for gas cans as I knew Jim had four wheelers and a tractor. I found a gas can and put enough gas in to hopefully make it back to town. (I did.) Or how about the time I didn't fill up the tank in Dan's truck I took to Albuquerque? I did not realize his gas tank gauge did not work and ended up driving on fumes across the deserted Apache cell service, out on the reservation...wearing stupid heels that had rubbed a blister on my feet....couldn't have walked four steps in those shoes....not a good thing....I am learning to take this preparedness thing seriously.
5. I have learned to build a fire in my fireplace and actually get it to burn nicely. I have also learned where you get kindling. The city girl in me arose when I innocently asked Scott, "Where do you get kindling?" He smiled and said, "You hand your son an ax and have him split wood." Oh.
6. I have learned shopping at Cabella's, The Bass Pro Shop, and REI is not a bad thing. Even if my daughter and youngest sister would raise their eyebrows.
7. Snowpants and waterproof pants with zip-off legs to create shorts are nice items to have living in your closet. Owning a pair of wader-boot things are handy as well. Keeps the legs of your pants dry when you are out snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, etc.

8. One thing I haven't changed is thing. I do not wear beanies or hats on my hair. Hair squished around my face is just ...not cute or pretty. And makeup - makeup is a beautiful thing and is as necessary as brushing your teeth.

9. My car has "On-Star" capabilities. I am re-thinking my decision about not activitating it....what do you think?

So cupcake girl in the granola world is adapting to her environment; however, I will always be the "prissy" in the "practical" world.

If you read all of this - thanks for sticking around as I reflected on my life adjustments in Colorado.