Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chubby Bride Work-out Plan

Scott and I - okay - Jaye decided she wanted to get married in October in an aspen grove during the beautiful, fall color.  hmmmm....December to October (2nd) - that gave me a good eight months to get ready.  Ready as in looking good in a wedding dress.  And it will take every bit of eight months.

How is it you can look at yourself in the mirror day after day and not see yourself?  Like, see yourself as, "I am FAT!"  My FAT revelation did not come with my clothes fitting tighter or clothes not fitting at all, or having to buy bigger jeans and tops; it came with looking at some pictures of myself back in the fall and at Christmas. There it was- this - this - this belly roll over the jeans - not a muffin top - a mushy cake roll hanging right over the top of those jeans!  How did THAT get there?  I have NEVER had a belly roll....and it didn't go away when I stood up either....holy moly...and then I measured myself.....Holy Shamoly!  where did THOSE numbers come from????   Say it isn't SO!  Something must be done....

Then I got engaged!  And I refuse to be a chubby bride! So I began my Chubby Bride Workout plan and signed on with Weight Watchers in January.  Only on-line. I was sure my determination would overshadow any need to go to weekly meetings...with weekly weigh-ins.

Scales scare me.  Really they do.  And now when I weigh and see numbers I have never seen before - I am terrified.  But weighing in is pretty much of a part of the weight watcher plan, so weigh I must - so I weighed on my scales and got one number.  Then I weighed at my daughter's and got another number; and then finally on a doctor's scales...that is when I fainted. 

Weight Watcher's on-line with the e-tools worked for about two weeks.  I loved getting up early in the morning and logging in and filling in the blanks for what I was going to eat that day.  I even lost about 6 pounds - just enough for me to think I could slack off and I quit tracking my food.  I worked out pretty regularly but had some haphazard weeks.  On top of that, the weigh-in was not working.  I didn't have a scale at home (I moved and threw the scales away - they were about 5 pounds heavy......yes, I could have bought a new one, but I don't think the accountability for weighing would be there) and going to church to weigh wasn't working either so two weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers "land side" where I go to weekly meetings and weekly weigh ins.

My workout plan has become very focused and rigid.  I exercise everyday unless I absolutely cannot - like Sunday - driving home from Denver all day.

And Scott and I decided (yes, both of us) to get married in Belize instead of the aspens.  What have I gone and done now?  Upped the anty - not only do I have to get in shape for a wedding dress - but now I have added the beach to the picture!

So - so far here are the results:

April 28th - lost 2 lbs.

I have purchased the Physique 57 workout (Kelly Ripa swears by it) and am working out to it 3 days a week and then doing other DVD workouts on the other days.  sometimes I walk during the day if I can.

I will measure and tell you how many inches I have lost since Christmas.  Even if the scales don't show it, I know I am losing inches because it is getting fun to try on clothes in my closet....Or pull pants out of the dryer, put them on, and they not only fit, but the pocket lining is no longer bulging out the sides.

Today is weigh-in.  At 5:00.  Why can't there be a 5 AM weigh in where you haven't eaten anything since the night before and you could remove all clothing behind a curtain and step on the scale.....  My blood pressure is already rising in anticipation of the results -good or bad. 

I have worked out really, really hard this week, and I have had the bare minimum to eat today in anticipation of my meeting with the scales this afternoon. I stuck to the plan except for Saturday night when we had early birthday cake for Scott at the Cheesecake Factory - I did have Low Carb if that helps - and I did walk all day in Denver Saturday.  ...5:00 is coming....

Ok, results to be posted tomorrow.

PS.....Wedding date is July 30th...and there is a story behind that too....
The Chubby Bride

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