Monday, January 25, 2010

She said, "Yes!"

So guess who is getting married???!!!! Yep, Princess Jaye has found her Prince!

Last year, as I was in my long-term sub position, I just so happened to be stationed right next door to the very cute and handsome 8th grade history teacher who just so happened to be single.

One day, I went into his room to ask a question and as I started to leave the room, he said, "Could I ask you a question?" Sure, I replied expecting him to ask me something about school. Uh no, that would be a negative! He said, "Would I be overstepping professional bounds if I asked you out sometime?" Sucking up my surprise, I smiled and said, "No, that would be great!" So we went to dinner, and dinner again, and then we were going out a lot... and then Christmas came along....

It just so happens Scott, (my prince charming does have a name), has Texas ties. His parents own a ranch in Dripping Spring, Texas (south of Austin). We went there for Christmas. Actually, he was at the ranch while I was flittin' from Dripping Springs to Austin to Lubbock to Dripping Springs.

So anyway, I had traveled to Lubbock with Keilah and Adam and Collier to have Christmas with my family. I flew back to Austin on Christmas afternoon. Scott picked me up at the airport and had yellow roses for me. I thought, "Well, how sweet of him!" We went back to the ranch for dinner since everything was closed on Christmas.

We had the fireplace going and it was all so warm and cozy. I sat in the rocking chair by the fireplace and Scott was sitting across the room from me. I was telling Scott my ideas about what he should do if he wanted to sell his house. As I was talking, he got out of his chair and came and got down on one knee by my chair and took my hand. He interrupted my chatter and said something like "I love your ideas but what I want is for you to share your life with me for the rest of our lives. Will you marry me?" And he dropped a ring into my hand. I wish someone had been there with a camera because my mouth fell open and my eyes were as big as saucers! I said, "Oh My Gosh!" and threw my arms around his neck. He said, "Is that a yes?" "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Everyone wants to know why I was so surprised. We had been talking serious, yes, but I didn't have a clue a ring was to be my Christmas gift! Wow! So now, on October 2, 2010, I will become Mrs. Scott Gregory White or Mrs. Jaye Price-White....we'll see what I decide about that....

Wow, 2009, as the high school principal put it was: Epic for me!
I passed the Praxis II exam. Earned my Bachelor of Science degree. Became a grandmother to my precious Collier. Started working toward my Master's degree....and got engaged!!! Pretty Awesome year wouldn't you say?

My Scott, my prince is just amazing. I simply can't wait to see what all God has planned for us. Scott is the most wonderful, incredible gift from God and I am deliriously happy that he is in my life.

God, you are so incredibly good and creative. You took me to Colorado so I could find my Texas guy. What a hoot!

I think his truck is sexy... it really turns me on! (Old farm truck at the ranch)