Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Toenails, bras and other random things

Wellll.....geez....it's been awhile. So "awhile" that I couldn't remember my password to get on here. So MUCH has happened since I last wrote. But first - let me tell you about my nail adventure. As in fingernail adventure.

In my own personal ecomonic crunch, I have had to give up doing my nails - you know going to the salon to "get my nail done"....in "15 minute"...."you pick culah (color)"....it has been a really hard thing but I have survived.(LOL) However,I saw a commercial on TV for "Kiss" nails and they looked really good so when I went to the grocery store last time I checked to see if they had them and they did. So I bought them. This past Saturday I decided to experiment with them. Spent 30 minutes putting on my fingernails and they looked fantastic! French manicure in 30 minutes - just glue them on and shazam! they are on - I can handle this. Then I put some on my toes. (you get 24 in the box for fingers and toes) Holy smokes! they are looking great. But how long will they last? Well, it is Tuesday and I have glued two toenails back on so far....until a little bit ago. got up from the sofa to make a potty break and looked down and a toenail was gone. When did I lose it? I know I made it home with it. So I start looking for my toenail...you know how people used to look for contacts in the carpet? Well I am looking for my toenail - back and forth across the Barbie Townhouse condo - can't find the toenail. Every little piece of white whatever is snatched up in hopes it is the "nail." finally I decided I would just have to take out a new nail. As I sat back on the sofa and picked up my computer - there it was - the little nail was under the computer. Ok so we are up to 3 toenails being glued back on. I have put the glue in my purse for emergencies - probably should add some nails too - don't you think?

Now for the bra adventure -
I am teaching school (I will tell you about that later) and Friday I wore a top with a strapless bra. We get out at 1:30 every Friday - at least the kids do - and we stay for staff meeting and planning. Early day or not, no matter how hard I try I just can't get out of that place before 5:30 or 6:00 and usually I am the last one to leave unless the janitors are still cleaning. So, Friday, I have this strapless bra on and it is killing me. I was sitting at my desk so I decided to take it off. After all, it is just me, myself and I left at the school. Or so I thought. I am grading papers and getting caught up and there is a knock at my door....it is one of my students and her mother. I am thinking, "I can just carry these papers in front of me and it will be fine plus the top is print and loose - they won't see anything." I let them in, visit a minute and they leave. Ok. that was cool. 10 minutes later....another student knocks on the door - a boy student - "Ms. Jaye, can I use your key?" Sure I say smiling and toss him the key. He brings it back and I think okay that worked. A few minutes later another male student comes to my door and asks to borrow my key....and then another....then I realize the jr. honor society is having a car wash and that is why kids are still there. After the last student threw me back my key and left, I very discreetly put the strapless b. back on. I think I'll just wait til I get home to get comfortable.....(LOL)

Jr. High - I think I was subbing the last time I wrote...well...talk about the hand of the Lord on you...finding Favor with the King and all those fine things....Wow...listen to this story.

January: I am subbing quite often in the jr. high. One particular day I was there on a ski day - yeah get this - the resort gives the kids 5th-8th grade 4 ski days a year. Total cost of skiing for the day is $25. This includes lift ticket, ski and boot rental, and a lesson. Teachers get to go for free I think. Well I was subbing and I got to go. I went snowshoeing since I don't do the ski thing.

The 8th grade Language Arts teacher had given notice and the school had offered a job to a teacher in Alamosa, NM. However, she could not come until spring break.
So my awesome, wonderful friend Faith who is a paraprofessional at the school just "HAPPENED" to be skiing with the 7th grade LA arts teacher who just happened to have me on speed dial for her sub! Faith asked her how the teacher search was going. The LA teacher answered that they had found someone but she couldn't come until spring break and they needed a long term sub until the new teacher could come. Faith says, "Why don't you ask Jaye? She would be great!" LA teacher loved the idea. As soon as we arrived back at school, she went to see the principal and recommended me for the sub position. They offered me the long-term sub position for 8th grade LA. I was only supposed to be there until the end of April. Well the teacher ended up not being able to accept the position and they asked me to stay for the rest of the year. I have been the 8th grade sub since January and next Tuesday I will have filled the position for half the year. and.....I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!!

You know all those crazy jobs, including the one I was FIRED from (I'm not bitter LOL) and the yucky medicine was for my good! I discovered I love teaching Language Arts, love jr. high kids,.....I have had the best time of my life these last few months.....until today I wasn't ready for school to end but today I told my last period class I had one nerve left and they were all on it! You know how you come to that moment when it is time for your own personal, biological offspring to leave the nest? It is time for these kids to go to high school. A couple of them told me they may be held back and I am praying that the "No child left behind" is still in effect and they are moving on....LOL

It truly is so that "all things work together for good for those that love the Lord and are called according to His purposes." (you all know I know that!) So now for the next HUGE faith step....

OF COURSE I AM GOING TO APPLY FOR THE POSITION! But I have an intense summer before me. I will graduate from University of Phoenix July 28th!!!!!!! Can't believe it is finally going to happen but here is the intense schedule:
UoP: two classes left....I am not going to explain how that works but trust me it can be intense.
Pueblo community college, Durango - an hour away -: must take a science and humanities to finish core curriculum classes. Man I wish I had done those in Austin!
I will be traveling back and forth to Durango 5 days a week for my classes. I need to find a friend in Durango to stay with so that I can spend Mon & Wed nights in Durango (late night class followed by an early morning class)
Praxis I & II test June 13th: I have to pass these tests especially the Middle School Language arts one. Really, really, need to pass those tests to be qualified for the job.

I know that the Lord laid this job in my lap and I am so hoping it is going to become a permanent position. I have never wanted a job so badly in my life. I love what I am doing. However, it is a lot of intense study and work for the next couple of months. Here comes the faith step: I can't work and get all of my studying done. How on earth am I going to not work? I'll tell you - "Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding..." that's how it is done.

Pray for me to accomplish all that is set before me. Pray for favor with the hiring team (oh by the way - we just received our NWEA results which is like a benchmark test done at the beginning of the year, middle and end. My results were very good. My kids scored more than a year's growth 3 out of 5 categories and at grade level on the other two categories. The superintendent of the school said, "Your sub is getting the job done." The principal said these results were impressive and I could be proud to show them to any school." I said, "Yeah and I came in here with no experience in the field!" Yes, I was pleased. Pray for financial favor...I don't know the how's and wherefore's, I just know my God.

Okay you are probably thinking I will never shut up....so good night and it felt good to write again!
Ms. Jaye