Monday, September 28, 2009

Project: Delight Yourself in the Lord - Day 6 "Happy Mojo"

Okay, I skipped a couple of days....ummm...delighting myself in the Lord. Saturday, my guyfriend and I went on a "color" drive through southwest Colorado. We left early that morning and drove to Durango, Silverton, Ouray and then Telluride and then looped back home. I had heard a lot about Telluride but never been there...WOW - it was beautiful. A great place to visit but extremely expensive to live there. We took the gondola to the top of the mountain - went over Oprah's house, viewed Tom Cruise's airport investment, and had Nicholas Cage's mansion pointed out to us or at least the general direction.

So, how have I delighted myself in the Lord recently. Just resting in the Lord and not worrying about anything. Taking things one day at a time. Interestingly enough, I am averaging about 3-4 sub jobs a week. I have heard varying reports but I have been told that the number of jobs I am getting is phenomenal - and then today - as I turned down a sub job since I was already booked - the teacher told me subs were hard to find. So. I don't know how it really is but I feel like it is totally the Lord's blessings I am getting so many jobs. And I am enjoying having a varied schedule.

My other little "delight" is my new business - "this girl needs a party." It is a party and event planning business and I have come up with these little cupcake bouquets I do that are just Adorable!!! Even if I say so myself. My ad goes in the paper this week so we will see what happens.

I love this little business. My creative mojo just gets going and I absolutely have fun designing the bouquets. The creativity totally comes from the Lord and it wears me out sometimes. My mind gets going and I can't keep up with all of the ideas and plans I come up with. Results of being a victim of experiencing "happy mojo." LOL

Well, must go to bed so that I don't MISS MY ASSIGNMENT TOMORROW FOR MS. BECKY!!!

Delighting myself faithfully.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Project: Delight Yourself in the Lord Day 3

Well, I almost missed posting today. Let me give a recap of this morning...

I had just settled myself down this morning with coffee, bible, and notebook when my phone rang. It was my friend Faith. "Hello?" "Where are you?" Faith demanded to know. "At my house." I replied in a tone that implied where else would I be at 8:20 in the morning? She says, "You are SUPPOSED to be here." OMGosh! Tone has now changed to horror. "What?" "Yeah, Becky has you scheduled to sub for her today." "Well, it's not on my calendar!" Holy smokes. My nightmare situation is occurring. I have forgotten a sub job. "I will be there in 45 minutes tops!" I hear Faith laughing as I hang up the phone. Forget delighting the Lord this morning! I am in turbo mode getting ready to be in a classroom I should have been in 20 minutes ago. Possibly, the Lord's delight for the day is this little episode in my life and He is very likely having a little laugh Himself. So glad I can provide comic relief for friends, family and God. Once I was actually in the classroom and settled in, I did find the situation rather humorous and laughed at myself. I am such a noo noo head. LOL

I had a moment to visit with a teacher friend and she made the comment, "Don't you think by delighting yourself in the Lord, God changes your heart and changes your desires?" I absolutely think that. When my desire is to delight God, I am not thinking about what I want so much. I am just letting things go and not making my demands to the Lord. Just like with prayer. Prayer is not about having a genie God to do my bidding. Prayer is about conversing with a friend... a special friend that has all the answers whether He chooses to reveal them at that moment or not. So another rather uneventful day in the project has passed but it was still a beautiful, well-spent day.

oh! another signature item about Ms. Jaye:

Perfume: Clinique - Happy Heart or Happy. Aren't those great names? Actually, my preschool was named "Happy Heart" and I came up with the name before I EVER heard of the perfume! Alfred Sung is my other perfume. The day I subbed for the freshmen algebra class, they walked in and said, "It smells like Ms. Jaye. It smells just like last year's class. Overpowering!" Oops. Oh well. At least it is overpowering in a good way - I think - As I reflect on being overpowering, I know that is also a signature feature of my personality - for better or worse. I know I can be a powerhouse and I am learning to curb it...kind of...

Still delighting...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Project: Delighting myself in the Lord Day 2

Nothing really of significance happened yesterday but it isn't always the big things that are so major. I just looked up the word "delight" and the official definition for delight is "find great pleasure or enjoyment of something." The opposite definition is "to be in distress." So - children give me great pleasure and enjoyment. I spent yesterday with K-4th graders helping with reading skills. One little girl and boy drew me pictures - their version of a thank you/I love you to the substitute teacher. Ahhh - refrigerator art - I miss that.

Reflecting on these children's art - isn't it amazing that you can spend 45 minutes with a child and they think they love you? I didn't do anything special for either of these children, like play favorites or anything, I was just there. At the end of the class, they hand me pictures and notes saying "I love you - you are so nice to me." Kind of makes you tremble in awe with the power you hold in your hand, your voice, your demeanor at touching a child's heart. Ok - that was my delight but what about delighting the Lord?

I think - no, I am pretty sure, positive that God delights in absolute trust in who He says He is. Every time Satan put a negative thought in my head about job possibilities, I just pushed it aside and repeated: "Delight yourself in the Lord." No need to worry about tomorrow, or next week, or what people think or don't think... work with today...go with the moment...and be who God created me to be and who He created me to be right now in the moment. Trust in the God who says, "Trust me, fear not...I have you in my hand and I WILL NOT leave you nor forsake you..." (Jaye's condensed version.) Do you know how awesome the feeling is to just let go and live for the day??? Incredible!

So, I can choose to find enjoyment and great pleasure in the day or I can settle in for distress and discontentment." Ummm....choosing great pleasure so here I am on the morning of day 2 and anticipating the day's events...

Ms. Jaye

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Project: Delight Yourself In The Lord

I absolutely love Hobby Lobby (craft store). I mean, I can walk in the store and just feel ....happy! Everything in the store just spells ( most of it) ....and of course there is sure to be "tacky" stuck in there somewhere but overall it is a store supplied with materials to enable the creative genius to do their thing. Anyway, on a recent visit, as I walked through the store, I realized, "I have lost my fun." How do you lose your fun?

First off, you get so intense and focused on something that you lose sight of everything else. When things aren't turning out the way you want them to, you get angry and depressed and cynical and lethargic - or at least that is what has happened to me - and a really stinky attitude settles in. So, without realizing it, I have been in this really long temper tantrum with the Lord because I didn't get my way. Even though I have said the Lord has something else for me other than teaching full-time this year, I didn't really believe it and I have just been plain mad about it. Then my friend made a comment to me that has changed everything. He said, "Jaye, you have been through a lot. Why don't you just enjoy this time you have substitute teaching and enjoy being off on the days you don't have an assignment..." hmmm... novel idea....enjoy my time off... first remark was "you haven't seen my bank account." No, but God has and does.

So, after seeing the movie, Julie/Julia, I have been inspired to do my own project. The Lord has been whispering in my ear one of my long favorite verses: "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your hear." Psalm 37:4. Everyday, from now until May 31st, I am going to delight myself in the Lord; put my "happy" on; and focus on delighting the Lord. Each day, I will share what has happened.

As of this day, I am letting go of the past disappointments of not getting a job. I have no expectations of getting a job this next year with the district. I am leaving that situation to the Lord. I have no agenda other than to start and finish my masters and see what happens. Feel free to remind me of this at any point should I get off track!

Happy facts about Ms. Jaye:

Current job: substitute teaching and children's minister at my church

Signature colors: Red - passion, energy, power, danger, purity, joy, happiness, celebration and prosperity. YELLOW - cheerful, hopeful, joy and courage - mixed with red - excitement. BLACK - mystery, sophistication, elegance, class, depth, encourages the imagination of a different world from that of daylight realities. (each color does have a negative side but let's just focus on happy!)

Relationships: Daughter of a king; earthly daughter to two wonderful parents; sister of two beautiful sisters; mother of three beautiful children; grandmother to one beautiful little boy; special relationship to one incredible man; owner of a multitude of friends that she can't engage with as much as she would like.

I invite you to share this journey with me. And now, I must get ready for this first day of delighting myself in the Lord...


Ms. Jaye